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Ford F250 195 x 135 copy2

Jeep TJ Rear 195 x 135 copy

Jeep TJ Rear 195 x 135 copy

BPI FAB has a significant history in engineering, designing and manufacturing body armour components in the off-road industry. However, in the past, we've largely done this behind the scenes for notable companies within the industry, offering our professional design and manufacturing skills to support them on an OEM basis.

This experience has allowed us to design and manufacture our own brand of high quality products at reasonable prices.

All BPI Fab bumpers and body armour components are made by us in Denver, Colorado. They are designed and constructed to improve the asthetics of your ride and protect it against the most rigorous of trails. They've been sucessfully installed and tested on hundreds of vehicles. We've partnered with companies like PAhydrographics for some of our custom rim designs for jeeps, we encourage you to visit them
Our manufacturing branch has provided us with the custom engineering and cutting edge
refractories needed in the heat treating process of our parts. Thanks to our great partners!

Customer Testimonials

Patrick Jakob XJ Front Pic

BPI Bumper - Jeep XJ
I like the way the bumper is made, and it just looks good on my Jeep!
Patrick - Switzerland

Ryans Dodge


BPI Bumper - Dodge Ram
Previously had BPI's XJ Front, now I have this unbelievable Dodge Ram front.
Ryan - Texas

BPI Fab’s new XJ rear bumper/Tire carrier

I just got my XJ back from BPI Fab after they test fitted the new XJ rear bumper and tire carrier. Check these things out, they are very stout and smooth. BPI Fab guy at BPI Fab said that the bumpers are all the same from 1984-2002. They were fabbing the side panel which replaces